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his page is dedicated to highlighting the talent and creativity of local artists from Essoyes and the surrounding area. We are proud to support and promote the local arts scene, providing a platform for artists to showcase their work and share their unique vision with the public at exhibitions. Explore a variety of artistic disciplines, from painting and sculpture to photography, ceramics and more. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply curious to discover new talent, this page is your guide to exploring the teeming artistic universe of our local community. Immerse yourself in the inspiration and artistic expression of the local artists who help make Essoyes a vibrant and creative place.

Atelier du 3


In 1992, he planned to sail around the world with two friends, building their own sailboat, which led him to painting, a time-consuming and stimulating activity during this 10-year adventure. He was soon drawn to abstract art, particularly admiring the works of Nicolas De Staël, Robert Delaunay and Pierre Soulages. His experiences were a source of inspiration : he undertook a series of paintings on the theme of the Tuaregs, a people he came into contact with on several raids into the southern Moroccan desert. His eclectic approach led him to produce a series of canvases depicting women’s faces and body parts on newspaper. Alain Brette uses a range of painting techniques, from the most common to the most unusual : glycero-acrylic paint, Indian ink, walnut stain, coffee and chicory. A pioneer in the artistic development of the village, he founded “l’Atelier du 3” in Essoyes in 2003. For several years now, Alain Brette has been exhibiting his work at the “Atelier du 3”, where he also runs a “cabinet of curiosities”.

Atelier du 3
3 rue du Four
10360 Essoyes
Contact : 06 81 01 05 99.

NJ photography


In the age of digital photography, taking a photograph is no longer the final act in a creative process, but a stage in the final work, allowing new pictorial explorations. It is in front of his graphic palette that the artist finalises his work. From the mid-60s to the late 80s, he worked on a number of magazines and advertising campaigns. Then he turned the page, in search of new experiences. His passion for horses led him to take an interest in ethology and then to pick up a pen in addition to his camera. He went on to work for a number of equestrian publications, eventually becoming editor-in-chief of three of them. For the last ten years or so, the work of this adopted Essoyen, freed from the constraints of professional photography, has often made reference to painting. The themes he tackles depend essentially on his current mood or sense of humour.A colourist to the core, and a classicist in the composition of his images, he tries, through his photos, to propose different levels of interpretation. Exhibited in Paris, Arles and Essoyes, his work can be found in various private collections in France and abroad.

NJ Photography
6 rue Auguste Renoir
10360 Essoyes 

Le vieux pressoir


Always a painter, Madeleine Opillard turned to sculpture around twenty years ago.
She worked in the studio of Frédéric Marquis, a Villa Médicis laureate, and then in the studio of Michel Serraz, one of our great contemporary sculptors and a member of the Artistes Français, who taught at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She took part in numerous exhibitions in the Paris region, winning the national gold medal and the international silver medal for sculpture from the Académie Européenne des Arts. She chose to live near Essoyes, in Verpillières-sur-Ource, in the middle of the Champagne hills. This region, which she discovered several decades ago and where she has family ties, immediately appealed to her : the bluish light so dear to Renoir and memories of her grandmother cooking for the Renoir family were invisible threads linking her to her artistic passions.

Le Vieux Pressoir
5 rue de la Côte
10360 Verpillières-sur-Ource
Contact : 06 70 89 99 64
Website and photo credits : madeleine.opillard.free.fr