The Renoir village


Discover the particular attachment of Renoir, the master of Impressionism, to Essoyes, a picturesque village on the Côte des Bar in Champagne !

The Renoir family’s attachment to the village of Essoyes is both artistic and sentimental, giving the place historical depth. Essoyes was a place of creation where the Renoir family also found refuge during holidays with friends, sharing moments of joy in the splendour of the surrounding countryside.

This village, the birthplace of Madame Renoir, also served as an inspiration to the painter himself. Essoyes thus became a place of eternal rest for all the members of the family of one of the greatest masters of Impressionism. It was in this environment, so closely linked to their history and their art, that the Renoirs found a haven of peace and creativity.

Today, Essoyes continues to carry the Renoir family legacy with pride. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this unique atmosphere, to discover the landscapes that inspired Renoir’s masterpieces and to feel the emotion that emanates from this place steeped in history.

Essoyes le village des Renoir
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Renoir in Essoyes

Discover the particular attachment of Renoir, master of Impressionism, to Essoyes.

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le village des Renoir


Discover Essoyes and stroll through the streets of this village in the heart of the Champagne region !

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If the village left its mark on the Renoirs, the opposite is even truer !

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The Renoir Association : family heritage and artistic support.

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