Renoir Team


Discover the “Du côté des Renoir” team, who welcome you all year round to make your visit an unforgettable experience.

maison Renoir

Welcome to the world of the dedicated and passionate members of our team. We are a diverse, committed group with a shared passion for art, culture and heritage. Together, we work with enthusiasm and determination to offer unique and memorable experiences to all our visitors.

Each of us brings skills and expertise in areas such as arts event organisation, community project management and communication.

On this page, you will have the opportunity to discover the faces behind “Du côté des Renoir”. Meet our passionate members, learn about their backgrounds and their remarkable contributions to our association. Their commitment and dynamism make our community a truly inspiring place.

We are proud to be part of this talented team and look forward to sharing our passion with you. Whether you are a visitor, an art lover or simply curious, we are here to welcome you and guide you through the rich and captivating world of “Du côté des Renoir”.



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Since 2015, Magalie has been inviting you to join her at the reception desk or on a guided tour, in good spirits and with a smile on your face! She’s in charge of exhibitions and groups, and makes it a point of honour to look after everyone.

Her credo : to offer a moment of conviviality and the most serious jokes in the world!

A favourite Renoir painting: La Promenadewhich I was lucky enough to admire in person: the whites are like a luminous river and Renoir’s faces are expressive.

Magalie, membre de l'équipe Renoir Essoyes


Antonin and his colgate smile 😁 can’t wait to take you to meet the village, the painter and his family.

His credono hardship has ever been overcome by shedding tears

A favourite de Renoir Painting: Le Déjeuner des Canotiers for the warm tones, the conviviality of a moment shared between friends and family.

Antonin, membre de l'équipe Renoir Essoyes


Carine and her creativity offer you communication via our social networks

Her credo : Eat life to the full, especially chocolate bars! 

A favourite painting by Renoir: Danse à Bougival or the colours and the sublime couple represented.

Carine, membre de l'équipe Renoir Essoyes


Clémence is waiting for you at the Renoir cultural centre to show you around Essoyes.


Her credoGet up in the morning and always be in a good mood.


Her favourite Renoir painting: Jeunes filles au piano, for the colours and liveliness of the scene.

Clémence, membre de l'équipe Renoir Essoyes


Stéphanie and her seed of madness will take care of booking your future guided tour.


Her credo300% positive attitude! !


A favourite Renoir painting: Danse à Bougival for the colours and the sublime couple depicted.

Stéphanie, membre de l'équipe Renoir Essoyes