Eating out in Essoyes

Eating out in Essoyes

In the heart of the vineyards, visit Champagne and the Côte des Bar, an area rich in art, history, heritage and culture and come to eating out !

maison Renoir

Explore the culinary delights of the region with our carefully curated selection of restaurants, cafés and eateries located close to our Essoyes site.

Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience or a relaxed atmosphere, you’ll find a variety of options here to satisfy your taste buds. Discover the region’s culinary specialities, from traditional dishes to contemporary creations, made with fresh, local ingredients.

Let yourself be seduced by the authentic flavours of regional products, accompanied by the renowned wines of the Champagne region. The restaurants in Essoyes showcase local produce, allowing you to discover the region’s unique culinary delights.

Whether you’re a fan of classic French cuisine, regional specialities or more innovative culinary experiences, there’s something for everyone. As well as feasting, you can also enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere of Essoyes. Some establishments offer outdoor terraces where you can relax and enjoy your meal while taking in the picturesque atmosphere of the village.


Restauration à Essoyes les demoiselles

Les demoiselles

1 rue Pierre Renoir
10360 Essoyes
03 25 29 08 59

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Chez B&S

5 rue Gambetta
10360 Essoyes
07 67 83 38 63

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L'Union Essoyes ©ADT Aube


1 pl. du Gén. De Gaulle
10360 Essoyes
03 25 29 91 41

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Restauration à Essoyes les berges de l'ources

Les berges de l'ource

1 place de la Mairie
10360 Essoyes
03 25 29 60 42

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Restauration à Essoyes le 555

Le 555

2 place du Général De Gaulle
10360 Essoyes
07 85 52 15 41

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Boulangerie du haut

13 rue Auguste Renoir
03 25 29 60 07

baudry de l'ource

1 rue Gambetta 10360 Essoyes
03 25 29 66 06


L'artisan des saveurs

36 rue des Crepadots 10360 Essoyes
03 25 38 16 94


18 rue Victor Hugo
03 25 29 60 08