garden and painter’s studio


Visit the garden and studio where Pierre-Auguste Renoir, the master of Impressionism, created his work.

atelier du peintre

Discover the legendary painter’s garden and studio. Immerse yourself in the picturesque atmosphere where Auguste Renoir found inspiration and creativity. Explore the lush gardens that nurtured his art and visit the studio where he brought his masterpieces to life.

Join us for an immersive experience at the heart of art history, discovering the exhibitions, events and activities that showcase this iconic venue. Let yourself be transported into Renoir’s world and discover how we preserve and celebrate this unique artistic heritage.

Included in the Renoir tour price (€12) or the “Maison & Atelier” price (€10), with audio guide included



Between the reception lodge and the studio, walk up the path to a strolling garden inspired by Renoir’s paintings, with its fruit trees, green plants and fragrant flowers. Take your time to stroll around and sit in the shade of the apple tree. Why not take the opportunity to imitate Renoir and “sketch” the lines of the surrounding landscape !

In the family’s time, the garden included an orchard and a vegetable patch, which Aline tended herself. She used the harvests to prepare traditional dishes such as fricot, which all the guests enjoyed.

This natural environment was a real source of inspiration for Renoir, who simply had to set up his easel to paint his still lifes with bouquets or fruit.

jardin du peintre
atelier du peintre



Many of the artist’s works bear witness to his particular and intimate attraction to the colours of the landscapes that surrounded him. He loved to paint flowers, the charm of roses, the vibrant colours of tulips, the undulating shapes of anemones… still lifes had never been so alive.

The studio is a place of dreams : it is a contemporary interpretation of the whirlwind of creation, a torrent that swept Renoir away, according to those close to him. Renoir produced many masterpieces here : landscapes, washerwomen, scenes of life that were so dear to him.

The workshop was built later, in 1906. The couple decided to buy a new plot of land adjoining the house garden so as not to “disturb the children at play”.

Discover authentic objects such as the painter’s wheelchair, a symbol of the courage and devotion of a man suffering from polyarthritis, who preferred to give up walking rather than painting.

atelier du peintre renoir