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If the village left its mark on the Renoirs, the opposite is even truer ! Find out how the Renoir project came about in Essoyes.

maison familiale Renoir

Discover the history of the Renoir cultural project in Essoyes. Immerse yourself in a variety of arts events, exhibitions and community initiatives that celebrate local art, culture and heritage.

Explore our commitment to promoting local art, cultural diversity and community enrichment. Join us for unique artistic experiences, creative workshops and to explore the heritage of Essoyes.



The foundation stone for this project was laid by one of the painter’s grandsons, who created the Renoir Association in 1986, with the aim of supporting young artists through the Renoir Bursary.

In the early 1990s, the Renoir Association opened the doors of the painter’s studio for the first time, enabling many visitors to enter the artistic world of the master of Impressionism.

Du côté des Renoir
Maison Renoir



En réponse à la demande In response to growing demand from tourists keen to follow in the painter’s footsteps, the municipality has embarked on a major cultural project centred on the Renoir family.
In 2011, the painter’s descendants transferred the Atelier du Peintre to the Commune of Essoyes. At the same time, the Commune created the Cultural Centre, which was inaugurated in May 2011.

Essoyes is also showcasing the places frequented by the family, by creating a walking trail dotted with reproductions of Renoir’s works with links to Essoyes. The project culminates in the renovation of the family mansion, owned by the Renoir family until 2012, made possible thanks to the support of the Fondation du Patrimoine. Since June 2017, visitors to Essoyes have been able to explore the master’s private life and discover his sources of inspiration.



Bernard Pharisien has devoted tireless research to Essoyes, where he was born and grew up : he remains one of the first people to have been able to promote its exceptional, often forgotten heritage and history, such as the link between the Renoir and Essoyes.

From 1998 to 2018, Mr Pharisien has shared the fruits of his passionate labours with the public, giving talks and taking part in his unmissable tours known as Les Matinales, making him a recognized specialist in the field.

Bernard Pharisien